Suillus luteus

The term luteus means yellow, a typical feature found in the lower part of this plant, which has fine yellow ochre tubes that turn livelier and more brownish as the plant ages.
It has a high culinary value and is considered one of the most appealing mushrooms due to its intense sweet fruity flavor.
This species can be found anywhere ranging from the central area to the south of Chile, its fruit is ready from late autumn to early winter, depending on weather conditions.

  • Dried boletus



Morchella mushroom

Morchella conica

The fruit of this mushroom can be found in early spring when temperatures begin to rise. Morchella season is over once the summer begins and the temperatures rise.
It has a delicate, slightly sweet and pleasant flavor. Its texture is soft and pleasant.
In Chile they are picked throughout the south of the country, mainly in the regions of Araucanía and Los Lagos.

  • Dried Morchella